Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Deliver?

We sure do! We deliver all over the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane & Gold Coast. We can also quote to deliver throughout QLD and interstate.

Shipping for online orders

Shipping for smaller items can be calculated at checkout. For larger furniture items we would have to provide a quote to give you an accurate charge.

Do You Have Parking?

This is one of our most common questions!

Please go down Omrah Ave and turn into the carpark on your right, there is parking at the rear of the store. 

How Often Do You Get New Stock?

We import new items constantly with shipments arriving every 4-6 weeks. Checkout our 'New Arrivals' tab for the latest stock.

Also following us on Facebook or Instagram is a great way to get a sneak peek of the newest arrivals

Do I Need To Order My Products In Or Can I Take Them Home Today?

We love our customers to see an item, fall in love with it and be able to take it home.

If it’s on the showroom floor and it doesn’t have a sold sticker on it you can take it home with you, otherwise we can pre order items for you.

Do You Custom Make Products?

No we do not, however we have an extensive selection of hand chosen one of a kind pieces.  When possible we can also make small modifications to your product to make it just right for you. 

Eg: Cut off some height on the legs of a product to make it fit your space.

Do You Offer Lay-By / Payment Plans


We offer a 12 week lay by period, all we ask for is a 30% upfront deposit and regular payments.

We also have AfterPay/Zip Pay available for your convenience.

Can You Store Items Until I'm Ready For Delivery?

Of course!

It is quite common that our customers find items they love but are waiting for an upcoming move, settlement or are in the middle of building their home.

We would hate to see you miss out on a piece you love so we happily offer storage in our warehouse (if we have space) for up to 8 weeks for you.

What If I Get My Products And It's Not The Right Fit For Me?

If it’s not quite right for you, you can exchange or return for a full refund within 48hrs of your purchase as long as the product comes back to the shop as it left (tags on products, no marks or stains etc)

What is RAW in your timber colours?

All of our ranges that list RAW as a colour option means that the timber is completeley RAW - no finish/sealer on the product.

We do this because people will often like to stain the timber to match existing pieces they already have. If you just want the product sealed we offer a Satin Finish service or you can do it yourself at home.

Out of Stock Products

Because we are a "Bricks & Mortar" store as well as online there are some instances where a product will sell in store & does not update on the website immediately.

If this happens and your product sells we will contact you ASAP to arrange to swap for something else or refund your purchase.

Timber Information

Because all of our products are handcrafted (Village made) using only natural timbers there will be imperfections in our pieces.

Due to the natural movement of a solid piece of timber, much like a tree it will change over time. Timber can shrink and expand and cracks may form.

This only adds to its charm and personality, it is normal and does not compromise the strength or durability of a product.

Caring for your cane

Closely related to tropical palms the rattan plant is a wood textured vine. It grows naturally into cane and the outer skin is peeled off to create flexible lengths. These are used to bind the strong core which is steamed and shaped to form beautiful cane furniture that will last for years to come.

  • Clean your cane furniture often
  • Keep it clear of debris using a soft microfibre cloth/gentle vacuum/soft toothbrush
  • If needed, fill a bowl with water and dishwashing liquid, collect bubbles only with microfibre cloth and wash rattan surface
  • Let furniture dry well in a sunny location
  • Wait 48-72 hours before sitting on cane to prevent the cane strands stretching