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Be Faithful To Your Own Taste

Welcome to Coastal Drift Home (formerly at 100 Brisbane Rd, Mooloolaba – where we believe that your home styling choices should be a true reflection of your unique personality and taste.

Your home is a sanctuary, and stepping into it should evoke a sense of calm and happiness.

At Coastal Drift Home, we understand that creating the perfect ambiance in your home is a personal journey. That's why we're here to collaborate with you, working hand-in-hand to bring your vision to life. Your home should tell your story, and we're here to help you write it with style.

While we're more than happy to offer guidance and expertise, we prioritize understanding your preferences and aspirations. Whether you're drawn to contemporary chic, timeless classics, or a fusion of styles, our team is dedicated to making your home uniquely yours.

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Take That Holiday Feeling Back Home With You

If you've fallen in love with the captivating styles you've discovered in our store, don't let distance stand in the way of bringing that same sense of beauty to your own space.

At Coastal Drift Home, we're thrilled to offer a seamless solution – allow us to arrange transport for your chosen pieces, extending our services beyond the Sunshine Coast.

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What our customers are saying about us

Fantastic service, great stuff....

Fantastic service. No waiting on stock - if it's on the floor, it's yours. Really good value for the price. Can't recommend enough.

Tracey Dawes

What an awesome shop...

What an awesome shop. Dangerously awesome. Great prices and great people.

Ray Goldberg

Great shop with well priced...

Great shop with well priced home decor items. Also good value outdoor decorations and furniture.

Anthony Lopez